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    Think of an idea

    Anywhere & anytime.

    Lost a good idea to someone?
    You forgot to capture a good idea and someone else built it!

    Never lose an idea again.
    Instantly capture your idea anytime, anywhere........

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    ideas created

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    Share your idea

    Get your friends to improve your idea

    Share with a friend
    Your friend can review your idea or even change it to make it better.
    It's still your idea, just better.

    Share with a group
    Need more than one person to review your idea?
    Share with a group and get feedback from many people.

    Share with the universe
    Make your idea public so that any kid can benefit from it.
    Your public ideas become eligible for rewards and prizes.

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    Build your idea

    Build it yourself or get help from experts

    Create prototypes
    Contact foundries and prototypers to create a prototype.

    Make samples
    Make one sample for yourself or many to share with friends.

    Win prizes
    Enter your prototypes into competitions.

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    Pitch your idea

    Take your idea to the next level

    Promote your idea
    You believe in your idea and would like to turn it into a Product. KidzIdeaz will help you move your idea to sites such as Kickstarter.

    Become an Entrepreneur
    Start your own business. With KidzIdeaz, you can get important advice from experts that is valuable for your startup.

    Sell your idea
    KidzIdeaz can help you patent and copyright your idea, and sell it to a company that wants to develop your idea and market it.

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    Coach other kids

    Share your success, help other kids succeed

    Become a mentor
    You have been very successful and have earned fame and fortune. Give back by helping other kids to succeed. Share your experience with other kids. Coach and inspire other kids.

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Using KidzIdeaz is so easy !!!

1. Register

If you are between 13 to 18 years you can register on your own. If you are below 13 years get your parent to register for you.

2. Create Your Idea

Creating a new idea is very simple. The what-why-who-how format helps you to think about all aspects of the idea.

3. Share Your Idea

Share your idea with your friends and get their feedback to help improve your idea. It's still your idea, just better!

Other cool things to do....

Customize your profile

Invite your friends

Comment on ideas

Ultra-safe kid friendly sharing

KidzIdeaz is designed to provide a safe environment for children Accounts are fully supervised by parents, teachers or guardians Supervisor approval is required to share or receive ideas from unknown users Multiple age groups ensure age appropriate content Ideas can only be shared with members of the same age group All activity is tracked and supervisors receive email alerts Supervisor can view all child activity and approve requests.

Coming soon*

* being built by kids at KidzIdeazTECH

The Ideaverse

Submit your idea to the ideaverse to earn points! Other kids can vote on your idea, and each month the idea with the most votes wins a prize!


Enter your ideas into public or private competitions being hosted by companies, schools or clubs, and win prizes.


As you gain sufficient points you ascend through the ranks and win perks.

Pitch Your Idea

Pitch your idea to companies, venture capitalists, and foundations to help make your idea a reality.


You have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. Pay it forward! Coach other kids and help them follow in your footsteps.

Get involved !

Your 'like', 'tweet' or 'mention' can change a kid's life

Help increase our social media coverage to reach more sponsors that can provide low-opportunity kids with free tools to make their ideas a reality. So go ahead and 'like' us, 'tweet' or simply share our message.
Thank You for your efforts.

What Do Our Users Say?

About Us

KidzIdeaz was created by a Kid

As a kid, I'd come up with cool ideas but soon forget them. I never found an easy way to record and work on my ideas.

I was introduced to Meteor, an amazing app tool, by my Dad and I used it to build KidzIdeaz - an app to record my ideas. But KidzIdeaz is a lot more than just recording ideas.

We kids have great ideas but lack the ability to make them real. Nobody takes us seriously. I designed features in the app to help kids take their idea to the next level. Kids can get prototypes built, have their ideas mass produced or even sell their ideas.

Nathaniel Dsouza
Created KidzIdeaz when he was 12 years old

The first and original KidzIdeazTECH team

KidzIdeaz is managed by Kids

I had a ton of fun building KidzIdeaz and realized that coding can be fun and easy. So I started KidIdeazTECH to help other kids learn computers and help grow the KidzIdeaz app.

At KidzIdeazTECH, kids learn to code by enhancing the live KidzIdeaz application. All our code is hosted in the cloud, which means we can code from anywhere and at any time. It's completely free and is the coolest way to learn coding.

If you are interested in learning to code, would like to help build out KidzIdeaz or build your own apps, become a member of KidzIdeazTECH

The News

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Interested in working with us?


From technologists to crafters KidzIdeaz is looking for vendors that can help kids create prototypes of their ideas. If you are interested please contact us to become a part of our community.

Contact us at:


Kids that want to grow their ideas will need advise and guidance from legal experts, finance experts, patent attorneys as well as funding and advise from investors. KidzIdeaz is looking for professionals that can assist kids in making their idea a success.

Contact us at:


KidzIdeaz wants to offer underprivileged kids an opportunity to turn their ideas into reality. Reward deserving kids for their amazing ideas by sponsoring competitions and prizes.

Contact us at:

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